Check out this amazing poster art by Andy Fairhurst paying tribute to the original Star Wars trilogy. One of my favorite things about these posters are the faces that are subtlety included in the designs. There is a lot of Star Wars trilogy fan art out there, and these are some of my favorites.

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Profile of artist Sarah René Straub

Sarah René Straub graciously gave her time to answer some questions about herself as an artist. Check out what she had to say, and find out where you can see her (and purchase her work). Some examples of her work follow the interview.

When did you decide to be a professional artist?
Unlike most of my peers, I only decided to become a professional artist about five years ago. I had enjoyed drawing since the age of 2, scribbling on every spare scrap of paper I could find, until my parents began hiding all their scratchpads. I enjoyed drawing with that childish gusto all the way through high school. This was until my father passed away and at the same time my counselors had advised I chase other pursuits. “There are no jobs in art,” they said. “What do you honestly think you could do with it?” It wasn’t until years later, after taking a few junior college courses, that I had realized how wrong they were. The applications for art are endless. Almost everything we see represented in the visual realm has been designed or created by an artist of sorts. And after years of not drawing, I finally realized how much I needed art in my life. I felt empty without it. Becoming a professional artist was less of an actual decision and more a surrender to my nature. But whether nature or choice, taking a creative path is always a daunting gamble. I knew that reaching my goals was going to take an extraordinary amount of work, humility, and the bravery to ask for help. There are times when being an artist seems like an impossible climb up a steep and never-ending mountain, and then there are times when it’s as easy as crossing a line. I’ve learned the difference between being a fan or a professional in art is merely a question of putting in the work.

What is your favorite thing (character, genre, or scene) to draw?
I don’t have a favorite existing character or scene that I enjoy drawing enough to call them my favorite thing, aside from characters and scenes from my own comic series in the works, “Blind Follies.” As for genre, I was always inspired by both fairy tales and mythology while growing up, so I like to insert them into my work whenever possible. “Blind Follies” in itself is actually a fairytale-mythology fusion sort of story, with the darker and more outlandish fantasy themes of the 1980’s movies and cartoons I grew up loving. In the end, I think it’s safe to say that mythology is my favorite thing.

Where can we see more of your work (website and conventions, whatever you want to promote)?
My main website is SketchyStraub.com, which links to my pages on Facebook (facebook.com/ArtbySarahRStraub), Tumblr (sarahrstraub.tumblr.com), DeviantArt (sarahrstraub.deviantart.com), Etsy (esty.com/shop/sketchystraub), and Twitter (twitter.com/sarahrstraub).

You can also find me at many conventions on the West Coast, including Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon, Wizard World Comic-Con Sacramento, and Anime Expo in L.A., among others.

The “Birdland” comic, by Shane Matthew Murphy, which I am lettering and coloring in its entirety, can be found at BirdlandComic.com.