Guardians of the Galaxy or How Summer became Awesome

To be fair, it’s really how dialogue and special effects made summer awesome. The story is okay, and there are some sappy moments put in to give substance where maybe less was needed. We really didn’t have to watch Peter Quill’s mother die of cancer to understand him. We could have picked it up with less in-your-face and more what happened when he was kidnapped by space ravagers right after mom dies. But the dialogue! Oh dear Lord it’s fantastic and it binds the characters, who couldn’t be more diametrically opposed to each other. Even the bit parts and villains get in on the act (when Ronan breaks character at the end has to be one of my favorite movie moments of all time). If you go to this movie expecting Oscar caliber production and performance, well skip this one, but, if you want two hours of fun back-and-forth banter, good special effects, and easy to like characters, go. Oh, and go in 3D. The movie is built for it; there are some really gorgeous 3D moments.

Hard to imagine trying to move the genre forward to be such a difficult thing. How would you tackle making superhero and super heroine more of an equal? Clothing? The art is by Michael Lee Lunsford. The article from Geek Native is below.


Check out this amazing poster art by Andy Fairhurst paying tribute to the original Star Wars trilogy. One of my favorite things about these posters are the faces that are subtlety included in the designs. There is a lot of Star Wars trilogy fan art out there, and these are some of my favorites.

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